6 Traits of People with the Entrepreneurial Mindset

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When you hear the term “entrepreneurial mindset,” images of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg Richard Branson or other famous entrepreneurs may pop into your head. You’re not wrong – these guys surely have an entrepreneurial mindset – but you’re really only seeing a small portion of the picture. The fact is, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset you can be an agent of change without ever starting a company. Training yourself to have this mindset can make you more successful, regardless of what you do or where you work. Here are a few characteristics of a person with an entrepreneurial mindset.

They’re creative thinkers.

Challenging conventional thinking is a key trait to people with an entrepreneurial mindset. They see a world full of problems and are constantly analyzing to find a more creative, simpler or more effective way to go about doing something.

They take action!

Those with the entrepreneurial mindset don’t just see problems and think of solutions…they are driven to bring those solutions to reality.

They listen!

Egos destroy the very best ideas. Those with the entrepreneurial mindset are focused on finding the best solutions, not having “their” idea being right. They are eager for input, actively gather information and feedback and are ready to iterate – as long as it solves the problem in the most effective way.

They see the big picture!

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset think about things in a bigger picture context. They’re focused on accomplishing the task at hand, but take the time to consider all areas that may influence their success. In addition to identifying the best solution for a particular problem, they may ask -- how much time will this take? How much will this cost? What value will it create? What expertise will I need to get it done? What hurdles do I need to break down?

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They learn from experience.

Everyone fails. It’s how people deal with failure that separates them from others. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset learn from failure. They understand trial and error can be a powerful learning process.

They want to have an impact!

At the end of the day, people with an entrepreneurial mindset want to make a difference. They can use that mindset to be an agent of change within a large company, in government, within a start-up or small business or even as a student within a university.

You don’t have to be born with this mindset, but it does take time for this mindset to develop. But it’s worth it -- these traits and this way of thinking will lead to success. If you’re a student at VCU, you’re in luck. VCU is truly a Venture Creation University, focused on instilling this mindset in all students. Find out more about programs at VCU that may help you right here at Venture Creation University